DeWinter Consulting Welcomes Samantha (Sami) Blanck, Talent Sourcer, to the DeWinter Group's Silicon Valley Office

The DeWinter Group's contract and consulting division, DeWinter Consulting, welcomes Talent Sourcer, Samantha (Sami) Blanck. We've asked Sami to answer a few questions regarding her past experiences and goals for the DeWinter Group. Make sure to take a look and welcome her to the team!

Phone: (510) 726-1142




How long have you worked in accounting, finance, and/or tech? Recruiting?

I am new to the recruiting industry. I worked for several years as a Behavior Therapist after college and am looking forward to apply my background in family and human development to working with Bay Area professionals to advance their careers.

How were you introduced to the recruiting industry?

I was introduced through online research and a family friend.

Why do you look forward to working in accounting, finance or tech talent acquisition?

I am so excited to learn and grow within DeWinter as I have recently made a career change. I know I have the best team to fill me in and catch me up in the accounting, finance, and tech talent acquisition world. I look forward to building enduring relationships to increase many professional careers. I love being the connection to helping numerous people.

If you were to provide advice to peers in accounting, finance, or tech seeking to develop their careers, what would it be?

If I provided advice to peers in accounting, finance, or tech seeking to develop their careers, I would tell them to have a clear end goal and work as hard as you can until you reach it. Don't forget to ask for help along the way. There are always people cheering you on!

How did you first learn about the DeWinter Group?

Through a family friend of David Sullivan.

What are 3 words to describe the DeWinter Group (or your impression thus far)?

  • Family
  • Driven
  • Focused

How do you plan on developing the DeWinter Group? What are your goals for the coming year?

I plan on developing at DeWinter Group through hard work and consistency. My main goal for the coming year is to grow into a higher position within DeWinter, such as a recruiter.

How do you plan on practicing the DeWinter Group's Mission Statement: 'We Build Our Network One Relationship at a Time'?

I am a people person and building a trusting and comfortable relationship is something I am 100% capable of doing.

How do you plan on balancing your career at the DeWinter Group and free time?

I plan on balancing my career and free time by 1. Always using and updating my calendar. I love being able to make a to do list and checking off each item, this really helps me prioritize my day. and 2. Not procrastinating during working hours so I can get all my work done. That way at the end of the work day I can leave worry free and enjoy my time off. My free time usually entails adult soccer league, watching the Packers, playing with my dog and kitten, and spending time with my fiance, family, and friends.

Fun Questions

Where are you originally from?

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

What's your favorite thing to do in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley?

I love going up to Napa or into San Francisco. I have only been living here for 3 months, I have so much exploring to do!

What did you originally want to be when you grew up?

Professional soccer player

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?

What's Up by 4 Non Blondes