Turn Up the Heat with Your Summer Job Search

As summer is upon us, you might be wondering… is the job market cold? Although hiring traditionally slows down in the summer months, it is not significant enough to prevent you from finding a great opportunity - especially with a knowledgeable recruiting team by your side.

The most recent information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics reported that the level of job openings is largely unchanged at 7.4 million and the number of hires edged up to a high of 5.9 million. This, combined with a low unemployment rate, is why business leaders continue to struggle finding qualified talent to fill job openings and suggests that hiring for job opportunities is expected to remain strong throughout June, July, and August.

While you are taking advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoying your vacation time, be sure you don’t let the sun go down on your job search! Here are five reasons to launch or continue your job search in the warmer months.

Less Competition

While your colleagues are in vacation mode and buying into the summer slowdown exaggeration, you should be dipping your toes in the job search pool. This time of year is naturally a job seekers’ market because there are fewer seekers. Now could be the best time to break through the noise and land a gig at a company you’ve been interested in since last summer.

Flexible Schedule

Schedules tend to be more flexible in the summer which has its pros and cons. While it’s true the hiring process tends to take longer due to vacations and long weekends, you are likely also enjoying some of those same summer perks. This extra time away from the office gives you ample opportunity to update your resume, do some networking, or schedule interviews without raising any eyebrows.

Abundant, Casual Networking Opportunities

Golf outings, charity events, and barbecues are great places to network with other professionals but are not the only hotspots for making new connections. Other summer socials such as neighborhood picnics, grad parties, weddings, and class reunions can also bring about unexpected networking opportunities. Keep an open mind! In a more casual environment, you can skip the glad-handing and simply enjoy meeting new people.

Get in Front of Fall

For accounting firms, winter and early spring are their busiest seasons, making summer the perfect time to build and train staff. As the leaves start changing color and busy season comes back around, key personnel and hiring managers will begin to ramp up their hiring again. All the work you did this summer will get you ahead of the game.

A Strategic Approach

A slower search allows you to be more thoughtful and strategic in your job search approach. You could haphazardly upload your resume to every opportunity posted on one of the million job boards while crossing your fingers or you could schedule a meeting with a member of the DeWinter Group’s search team. Together, we can discuss your career goals. Our team has been working with the most well-respected companies in the Bay Area, so we can tell you that there are plenty of opportunities in the jobs pool and companies that are actively hiring. Don’t miss out on your next career move because you were working on your tan. Connect with us here to stay up-to-date on the hottest roles in the Bay Area.