The DeWinter Group Announces the Launch of Maris Consulting Group, formerly known as DeWinter Technology

The DeWinter Group is pleased to announce that as of May 2019 DeWinter Technology will now be known as Maris Consulting Group, led by senior leaders, Scott Davidson & Ryan Tweedy.

Campbell, CA - May 13, 2019 - In January 2017, DeWinter Technology (“DWT”) was introduced to the DeWinter Group’s portfolio of service offerings, building upon its reputation for the successful recruitment of premier, senior-level accounting and finance professionals to incorporate the recruitment of senior-level IT and engineering professionals. Today the DeWinter Group (“DWG”) is pleased to announce that as of May 13, 2019, DeWinter Technology will now be formally known as Maris Consulting Group.  Led by senior leaders, Scott Davidson and Ryan Tweedy, Maris Consulting Group will focus on the recruitment of project-based technology professionals specializing in project management, data analytics, business systems, and mobile application development. Maris Consulting Group will continue to partner with DeWinter Associates, DWG’s direct hire division, and DeWinter Partners, DWG’s retained search division, to assist employers with their search for full-time senior-level IT professionals, executives, and board members.

DeWinter Group’s Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Mike Tomasello, commented, “On behalf of the DeWinter Group’s leadership team, we are beyond excited regarding the introduction of the Maris Consulting Group name to the DeWinter Group portfolio. Scott and Ryan bring over 40 years of combined experience in the Technology space to our organization. Coupled with our deep and longstanding relationships with our clients, we believe Maris Consulting Group will rival the current and historic success of our finance and accounting divisions under Scott and Ryan's guidance.”

Maris Consulting Group’s senior leader, Scott Davidson quoted, “The launch of Maris provides our clients a premier talent service across dedicated technology skill sets. Drawing from our deep industry experience, we understand the importance of specialization, building long-standing relationships, and tailoring our services as our client’s business needs scale. With the rapid pace and high demand for technical solutions, Maris Consulting Group brings confidence to the market for delivering experienced local people to drive IT and engineering initiatives.”

To learn more about Maris Consulting Group’s services or contract opportunities in the Bay Area, visit us online at mariscg.com or contact us by email at info@mariscg.com.

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The Evolution of Maris Consulting Group

Having spent the past 16 years working with local hiring managers and job seekers, the DeWinter Group had developed extensive networks across the San Francisco, South Bay, and East Bay markets and a proven approach to recruiting of full-time and contract talent. Leveraging these practices, the Dewinter Group’s newly introduced service line, DeWinter Technology, quickly grew. By the end of 2017, DWT had two teams of dedicated recruiters and client services professionals located in both downtown San Francisco, as well as DWG’s headquarters in Campbell.  

By late 2018, DWT had established a strong foothold within both San Francisco and Silicon Valley markets, successfully placing hundreds of IT & software engineering professionals into both full-time roles, as well as project-based engagements. As a result of this success, Scott Davidson joined the DeWinter Group’s leadership team in December 2018 with one goal: to continue building the organization’s DWT division to meet the growing project-based and full-time needs of the Bay Area employers we worked with. Under his leadership, Scott proposed the rebranding of DWT to Maris Consulting Group to create a unique and scalable identity for the division’s projected growth.