Happy Holidays from the DeWinter Group

With just a few days left before the holiday break, we oftentimes find ourselves reflecting on… well, the chaos of the holiday season of course. Between shopping for gifts for every extended relative in your Rolodex (or what the kids nowadays call their “contacts”) or trying to tackle as much at work as possible before taking a few days to relax with your family, it is safe to say the holidays can become very “festive.”

This year, rather than write you a warm and fuzzy holiday memo, we decided to share with you a few reminders to help you maintain your sanity and continue to grow as we enter into the new year.

  1. The holidays are about giving back and spending time with your family and friends. Whether it is your mom and dad, your great Aunt Marge, or even Fluffy, your 6-year-old hairless cat, make time for all those in your life, even if you are a self-proclaimed lone wolf.
  2. Work will be there when you return… unless you are in the middle of preparing for year-end close and reporting. If that is the case, that may be a task better completed before the new year. For those not preparing for year-end close, remember there will always be work to do and a project to finish. Cliche? Yes, but still true.
  3. Take time for you to relax and reenergize before the new year. You cannot be the best you at work if you are not physically and mentally healthy. Make the most of your time off over the holidays. Whether you decompress by binging the latest Netflix documentaries or enjoying a quick escape to the mountains, give back to yourself.
  4. Reflect on all that you achieved this year and, if you haven’t done so already, write down all of your personal and professional goals for the coming year. The holiday season is about more than reconnecting, it’s also about reflecting.

On behalf of our family here at the DeWinter Group, we would like to wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable holiday season filled with lasting memories.

Happy Holidays and may everyone we work with have a great New Year!

The DeWinter Group will be closed from December 24, 2018 through January 2, 2019. If you need immediate assistance, please contact your dedicated recruiter by phone.