Meet Diva Hira, DeWinter Associates' Newest Executive Recruiter

The DeWinter Group welcomes its newest Executive Recruiter, Diva Hira. We've asked Diva to answer a few questions regarding her past experiences and goals for the DeWinter Group. Make sure to take a look and welcome her to the team!
Phone: (415) 918-5360




How long have you worked in accounting or finance? Recruiting?
I started my career in public accounting, in the public sector space, and stayed there for about 3 years. Prior to joining DeWinter Group, I was in corporate finance and strategy roles for tech companies in Chicago and the Bay Area for close to 6 years.

How were you introduced to the recruiting industry?
For the last few years, I've had an interest in the recruiting industry, mainly sparked by working with placement firms myself when I was in search of new roles. I've worked with placement firms both in Chicago and the Bay Area.

How did you first learn about the DeWinter Group?
At my last company, I was bouncing career ideas related to recruiting around with our VP of HR. He mentioned a few top recruiting firms to work with in the Bay Area. From there, I did a search for DWG on LinkedIn, sent a message to Sonia Sekhon to express interest in recruiting, and the rest is history!

Why do you look forward to working in accounting and finance talent acquisition with the DeWinter Group?
I'm super excited to use my background and industry knowledge to help candidates in the Bay Area find suitable positions in the field. I'm also really looking forward to the people aspect of this role, fostering relationships with candidates over time.

What are 3 words to describe the DeWinter Group (or your impression thus far)?

  • Collaborative
  • Respectful
  • Honest

How do you plan on developing the DeWinter Group?
I plan on mastering the art of candidate recruiting using the tools at our disposal at DWG, I believe this will be a great foundation going forward and even to enter the client side of the business. I think a huge part of developing here is also forming relationships and trust with my coworkers, many of which are tenured and have an immense amount of knowledge about this industry.

How do you plan on practicing the DeWinter Group's Mission Statement: 'We Build Our Network One Relationship at a Time'?
I think that truly connecting and understanding the needs of candidates is crucial in this business, especially as I start out on this journey.

How do you plan on balancing your career at the DeWinter Group and free time?
I plan on taking my career one day at a time and practicing time management so that I can maintain a fair balance between the two.

What advice do you have to offer others currently looking to advance their career in accounting or finance? 
Try and find an industry and company that you're interested in and passionate about, it very well may make a difference in the day to day.


Where are you originally from? Chicago, IL

What are your favorite things to do in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley?
Finding scenic viewpoints of the Golden Gate Bridge

What did you originally want to be when you grew up?

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?
Anything by the Backstreet Boys