Meet Gilad Platzker, CPA, DeWinter Associates' Newest Executive Recruiter

The DeWinter Group welcomes its newest Executive Recruiter, Gilad Platzker. We've asked Gilad to answer a few questions regarding his past experiences and goals for DeWinter Associates. Make sure to take a look and welcome him to the team!

Phone: (408) 205-2731




How long have you worked in accounting or finance? Recruiting?
I have worked in accounting and finance since graduating from the University of Califonia, Santa Barbara in 2008. I began my career in public accounting at PricewaterhouseCoopers before moving into corporate accounting where I specialized in SEC and Revenue Accounting with many well known Bay Area employers such as Pandora, Trulia, and Glassdoor.

How were you introduced to the recruiting industry? DeWinter Group? 
Over the last decade, I have worked with recruiters as both a hiring manager and as a candidate. I also worked with the DeWinter Group, specifically, several times throughout my career.

Why do you look forward to working in accounting and finance talent acquisition with the DeWinter Group?
I have a long history of working in the finance and accounting industry, and I look forward to leveraging all my experience and network to help my former peers find the best and most fulfilling place for them.

How do you plan on developing the DeWinter Group? What are your goals for the coming year? 
I plan on taking in as much as I can and learning best practices from my experienced peers. My goals for the coming year are to get up to speed and become a value-added member of the team as quickly as possible while laying down the foundation for a rewarding and valuable career int he industry.

How do you plan on practicing the DeWinter Group's Mission Statement: 'We Build Our Network One Relationship at a Time'?
I plan to do so by being people focused and leveraging my innate caring of people to truly build and maintain meaningful relationships which will lead to rewarding placements.

How do you plan on balancing your career at the DeWinter Group and free time?
I balance my work and life by working very hard during the work week, but truly doing as much beloved activities during my free time. This allows me to have a fulfilling and exciting life while maintaining a great job and performance.

What advice do you have to offer others currently looking to advance their career in accounting and finance? 
Pay attention to the team you choose to work with. Working with a good team can be the most valuable asset available to advance your career.