Our Perfect Recruiter: Jerry Maguire

What are our values? Utilizing the Lessons in Leadership and Integrity of Jerry Maguire.

“I will not rest until I have you holding a Coke, wearing your own shoe, playing a Sega game *featuring you*, while singing your own song in a new commercial, *starring you*, broadcast during the Superbowl, in a game that you are winning, and I will not *sleep* until that happens. I'll give you fifteen minutes to call me back.” - Jerry Maguire

As the lucky parent of two wonderful teenage children, I do my best to keep them cultured in the world of ‘classic’ entertainment. Each week we have a family movie night where I do my best to find classics which have an engaging plotline and educational premise. Trust me, it is a challenge to find movies which keep their attention.  Last weekend, we watched Jerry Maguire, one of my personal favorites.  It’s not because I have a particular fondness for Tom Cruise movies or occasionally enjoy making my entrance by sliding into our family’s foyer in a white button down dress shirt and socks,  it’s just that his character always strikes a chord with me given what I do for a living.  

Cruise’s character, Jerry Maguire, is a sports agent who makes the error of writing a manifesto extolling the virtue of looking out for his clients.  In the very competitive world of sports agency, he is subsequently ostracized and fired from his job.  I remember watching this movie the first time and rooting for this poor [insert the inappropriate term you know we would like to use but cannot for legal reasons] to rise out of the ashes and make a name for himself.  After all, he was a “good” guy and all he wanted was to do right by his clients.  Jerry ultimately wins in the end by sticking with a veteran player in the twilight of his career.  Was he desperate?  Of course but he never sacrificed his integrity for his own gain.  


Getting to the Point...

Our mission is to develop honest, consultative relationships with accounting, finance, and information technology professionals.

Just like Jerry, we as an organization will not sacrifice our integrity for our own gain. Over the past few years, the DeWinter Group’s accounting, finance, and information technology segments have grown significantly. As a leader within an organization of recruiters, it can feel pressing at times to meet daily quotas, maintain cash flow, and manage the quality of work output by our recruiters and business managers. Do we want to make money? Yes, of course! That being said, we were founded on the principle of doing ‘right’ for both our clients and the professionals we assist with finding jobs.

I’m constantly sermonizing about our role to act as a guide to our candidates and clients. Whereby most other recruiters and recruiting agencies look at each professional as a number needed to meet a quota; we view each phone call, lunch, or onsite meeting as an opportunity to develop a relationship with you. We are not paid to simply head hunt, we are paid to provide honest, informed feedback. And yes, you may not always like our advice, but we feel it is our responsibility to assess each search and serve as your partner and advocate. This principle guides every decision we make because we would not have been able to develop the reputation and relationships we currently have without the simplest of values… trust.


A Note to Accounting, Finance, & IT Professionals We Work With

We vow to be a credible resource throughout your accounting, finance, or information technology job search around San Francisco and Silicon Valley, even if it does not result in us placing you.

As most professionals have experienced, working with a recruiter does not always result in finding a job, let alone your dream job. It’s frustrating, we get it but that doesn’t mean we are not worth your time. Working with a trusted recruiter at DeWinter Group means you have an educational resource and a trusted friend who knows your industry and your market. We feel it is a vital duty to be a credible resource for our candidates, whether we place them or not. In all honesty, we have very little control over the actual placement of candidates. The lion's share of our job is identifying your professional strengths and introducing them to clients who require that skill set.


In Conclusion

Like Jerry, sometimes our efforts aren’t a monetary award ($$$) but an award of doing the right thing and, in turn, strengthening our relationships in the market.  I firmly believe that creating “good karma” and treating people well pays bigger dividends in the long run. To all those we have worked with, thank you for trusting DeWinter Group as your go-to resource throughout your accounting, finance or information technology job search. To all those we have yet to work with, we look forward to receiving the opportunity to work with you.